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Ready to wear: new mod & skinhead shirts

Ready to wear shirts are now available from my online Etsy store, shipping available to most countries.

If you want an off the peg shirt I now have a small selection ready to buy online – I'll be adding to this collection in the coming weeks.

My off the peg range is made by myself here in Great Britain so you can expect the same great quality.


I'm best known for my made to measure, bespoke shirts and now I do also offer a very small, limited edition range of ready-to-wear shirts and skirts if you need to make a purchase at short notice. My garments are popular choices if you wear mod, skinhead or suedehead styles - I understand these styles perfectly as it is also my favoured style, so all the details are exacting. I make these garments to the highest standard and they have all the design elements you would want.

Shipping available to most countries

I ship to most countries in the EU and worldwide, get in touch for a quote.


Quality Shirts with pin-point detailing.

Ready-to-wear shirts, made in Great Britain by a tailor with over 35 years experience

I have been tailoring and dressmaking these styles for myself and others for over three decades! That's a lot experience and knowledge so you can be sure you're going to buy a quality garment.

Authentic styles for Mod, Skinheads & Suedeheads

If you prefer styles from the mid to late sixties and early seventies then my ready to wear range is ideal for you. It can be difficult nowadays to find original shirts by Ben Sherman, Brutus, Jaytex or Permanent Press styles, that are in good condition or your size, so I offer a very good new alternative that really does look authentic.

Limited edition fabrics and sizes

I often use one-off lengths and remnants to make unique shirts if you're looking for a shirt that is not mass produced. Fabrics are poly-cotton or limited edition cottons and are made in random set sizes.

Visit my site to see examples trimfit shirts and you can visit my online Etsy store to make a purchase. If you see a shirt that you would like in your size get in touch or leave a comment here and I'll get back to.

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