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Womenswear - Mod & Skinhead Designs

I'm best known for my made to measure shirts but I also offer the same service for womenswear. All garments are made to order and made to your specification, from skirts to dresses, you can have a unique garment made in your size.



Classic styles from the mid sixties to mid seventies made with authentic and accurate detailing by a seamstress with over 36 years dressmaking and tailoring. All garments are made by myself here in Great Britain, and never mass-produced in some overseas factory, so it's good to known you're choosing to buy British as well as helping to support a local GB enterprise.

I use short runs of cloth to ensure a more exclusive product, often with just one or two available in each design. Why have the same as everyone else!

Limited edition fabrics are available on a first come, first served basis and include some 2-tone tonic lengths, Prince of Wales, Dogtooths and tartans etc but some regular stock does exist which includes cheaper suiting lengths in a variety of colours. Prices start at £42 for a mini skirt made in your size, which is exceptional value for a made to order garment. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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