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Red Gingham Shirt

I used a length of red one inch gingham for this shirt, which features a 3-point collar with that nice detail at the back of the shirt. The fabric is poly-cotton which has crease-resistant properties with the breathable addition of some cotton, a comfortable, wearable choice for a new shirt.

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Made to measure button-down collar shirt.

It was made to measure for a regular in London who always briefs me on what fabric and detail he wants and then leaves the rest to me. This shirt has all the classic details you would want in a shirt; back-pleat, loop, button-down 3-point collar with a 4-finger roll and the sleeve features a vent and two button detail.

I have lots of other gingham colours to choose from including; pink, purple, orange, black, navy, pale blue, yellow and green. Get in touch if you fancy a new made to measure shirt, all enquiries to Lily.

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